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Most Insta-Worthy Desserts to try in TOKYO!

Tokyo is a place know for its craziness: Fashion, food but also desserts! 
Even after spending 2 weeks there, I have only scratched the surface of adventuring and understanding Japan's crazy and amazing culture.

I don't know about you, but I'm all about finding as many weird/cute/crazy and new things when I travel around.
Let me tell you: Tokyo is a gold mine for that!

But the best stores are a little more hidden from tourists and are more locally known. So I hope this little guide will show you some of the greatest spots for dessert in Tokyo!

Here are my favourite and most Insta-Worthy Tokyo Desserts:

The Instagram Cotton Candy!

A absolute must-try is the insta-famous rainbow cotton candy! You can find it on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Don't worry you won't miss it, just follow the teenage girls with cotton candy bigger than their heads :)

Find here: Totti Cotton Candy

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Unicorn Milkshakes!

I don't know if it can get any more Insta-worthy than this!
I mean, unicorn milkshakes!?
These are called the Sakura Unicorn Milkshakes and I dare you to try.

8 Layer Ice cream!

Isn't it beautiful?
Find this ice cream in a store called 'Daily Chico'.
I wonder how many layers you could fit without it falling... :)

Find here: Daily Chico


Tokyo is known for many things, Crepes definitely being one of them!
You can't travel Tokyo and not try this. Matcha and Red Bean Ice cream that is so worth trying while there!
I also tried the basic strawberry and chocolate and it was the bomb.
Don't plan on eating anything after though, it is very filling!

Find here: All over Japan and Harajuku! (Tripadvisor)

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Bubble Tea! 

Bubble Teas is an obvious choice when it comes to Tokyo's dessert. Just like anything sweet and fun, you can find many bubble tea stores in Harajuku!
There you can find the basic bubble tea, but also the more artsy ones!

Find here: Harajuku

Mochi Donut! 

A Japanese Staple that you need to try!
And 100% Instagram worthy :)

Find here: Mister Donut

Melon with a twist!

How cute are these? What a melon!

Find here: Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Frozen S'mores!

This might be one of my faves! Frozen S'mores? I mean come on!

Find here: Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Creme de la Corn!

Cream and Corn? Only in Tokyo! 

Find here: Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Did you like this guide?

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

25 Do's ans Don'ts of travelling Tokyo!

In Japan there are a lot of unspoken rules that many unconsciously break. To help you avoid some faux pas, here are some Do's and Don's I have noticed whilst travelling Tokyo!



  • always bring a plastic bag! Trash cans are very rare in Tokyo, so you often find yourself carrying trash around. Putting it all in a bag is way easier! Collect it all, and throw away the next seven eleven you see.
  • recycle. After collecting all your trash, make sure not to throw it away in one of the can containers! Recycling is very important in Japan, so don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • bow when people bow to you. It is a simple way of showing respect, that is very important in Japanese culture. It does take some getting used to, but will feel very normal after a while. I even found myself continuing to, the first days I was back in Europe. 
  • say thank you. I have found the Japanese culture to be a very serving, respectful and thankful one. They always go the extra mile to be of service to you, and thank you as they do! You will find yourself saying 'Arigatou gozaimasu' at least 50 times a day.
  • keep your voice down. On the streets, but especially in crowded public places like trains.
  • try the smart toilets! As weird as it seems at first, you will miss them once you leave. And if you are really brave, try the kneeling toilets too. 
  • get used to taking off your shoes.
  • Wear inappropriate necklines. That immediately puts you in the wrong kind of a box in Japanese culture. 
  • use google translate! Not a lot of people speak english, so you need to be able to find your way around! Use the picture option for menus, it will save you from guessing what it is you're eating.
  • go to a super market! You will be surprised to see how clean and organised they are. 
  • slurp your noodles. It is very normal in Japan. Just don't over do it either :)


  • rely on free wifi! It is very rare in Tokyo, as many use portable wifi. You can easily order one ahead of your trip online or once you are here. Check with your host if using Airbnb, they most likely offer one!
  • talk on the phone on the train. You can be one the phone, but do be respectful in keeping quiet.
  • smoke! Don't smoke in public places it is prohibited. Go to the designated areas.
  • Open or close taxi doors. Drivers do that for you with an automatic button. 
  • tip. It isn't the norm in Japan and might even be seen as rude.
  • be confused by people wearing surgical masks. They are most likely trying to pass a cold. Even try wearing one if you like, it's kind of fun!
  • jaywalk. You will quickly see that in Japan you stick to the rules given to you; even in the small things.
  • expect to pay at the table. You either pay as you leave, or get a ticket in a machine for your food before eating. 
  • bag your items after paying at a store. The cashier will do it for you.
  • stick your chopstick in rice. It actually is a sign at funerals!

Also, when visiting temples:

  • Wash: In front of Shrines you will see a water source. Before entering, use the ladles to wash your hands, arms and mouth. Be sure that the 'dirty' water does not go back into the source.
  • Lower your head when walking through the gates.

Now with knowing these basic rules, have fun travelling Japan and enjoy the culture! Be open to the difference and embrace the culture shock! :)


Thursday, 6 July 2017

10 Signs that your INNER-ME is your biggest ENEMY

None of us are born with confidence, but neither are we with self-consciousness.

So how are we either? Because of our past?

That our memories make us, is the biggest misconception most of us have.

Yes, to some extend our experiences do. What happened to us as children has influence on who we are today. That is scientifically proven, no doubt.
But our memories?
They are made by us, and not we of them. 
How you choose to react in a situation, or even how you choose to remember it, is your choice.

We all have pains in our past, but holding onto it, is us opening wounds we didn't even make. Giving them power they shouldn't have.

If you don't let your past die, it will never let you live.

Why? Because if we let us be changed by negative situations, we won't be able to change negative situations. as easy as that sounds.
If you let your mind or self image be negatively impacted, you carry it with you.
With you into the next similar situation, the next friendship or worse, your confidence.

I previously wrote about the power of the mind, and have since seen the connection between my mind and my doing more evident then ever.
I started to see, that those thought patterns that I had engrained in me, started to come to life.
Implementing into the situations I was in, just by the way I acted. Both negatively and positively.

And I didn't even notice until it finally clicked.
I had to become aware of it, to start changing.

Maybe it is the same for you?

After asking yourself these questions, how do you view yourself and your ability to talk to yourself?

Yes, 'talk to yourself'. A skill that we all have but don't use to half its extend. Do you need to improve your mind set?

Is your Inner-Me maybe really your biggest enemy?

If so: I would love for you to check out "How to go from Worrier to Warrior" (here), a blogpost in which I write about ways that you can change your thinking!

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