Thursday, 26 January 2017

Top Style Steals of 2017!

Do you ever find yourself lusting over that one designer handbag or those gorgeous shoes that literally cost double your rent? I feel you!

So many times I've been scrolling through Instagram and seeing girls wearing the most beautiful trend pieces, only to realise I would need to sell my soul to afford them. So. freaking. frustrating.

Especially, because I feel like Bags like the Gucci Dionysus (which literally gets me drooling) can really make and elevate an outfit!

That is why I love to find alternatives that have a similar style, while still being good quality!
You have to be a little bit careful though, when trying to find style steals.

Here are my favourite Style Steals for 2017:

Gucci Dionysus


Style Steal


all these are from jessica buurmann! Find herehere, here & here!

Chloe Faye


Style Steal

find on Bag Inc. here, herehere & here


Picture by Jens Wittenberg Photography

This is actually the alternative I bought for the Chloe Faye (here modelled by my most beautiful sister)! It is definitely not an exact copy, which is exactly what I wanted. I also searched for some more one to one copies but ended up liking this one way more)

This bag is from and cost around 25$ :)

Chloe Boots


style steal

find here & here

Chloe Rucksack


style steal

find here, here, here & here

Chloe Drew


style steal

find here, here, here & here

Best of Celine, Givenchy, Balenciaga

find here, here & here

Hope you liked these Style Steals! 
What are your favourite trend pieces?


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